​​Sonrisa Products LLC was founded on the belief that everyone has the ability to lead.

We maximize leadership by deepening self-mastery and connection between leaders and their teams. We offer holistic leadership coaching programs that leverage and maximize language, cultural awareness, creative innovation, and global business savvy. 

As a result, leaders have achieved more with their teams, maintained their sanity, grown self-awareness, and optimized their leadership confidence.  We love celebrating their victories and assisting them with their challenges.

Leadership is code for self-exploration. 
If you can hold yourself accountable, then you can accomplish great things with others.

Leadership is top-down, but it also can be bottom-up and sideways. It is code for self-exploration. If you can effectively lead yourself through change, then you can help others do the same. Understanding your cultural context as well as all of your moving parts and pieces is critical as you push for change.

Products to Smile About.
"Sonrisa" means "Smile" in Spanish. Since joy is universal, we've created product lines to make you smile at work, at home, on the road, and online.  

Let 100% of your Authentic Self lead the way. Our products help you showcase the real you.

Our products are available in many languages. Let us know if you'd like to see products in your own language or if you'd like to become a translator or editor. We want to make sure we get it right. 

We communicate very well. Whether it's advertising, copywriting, copyediting, public affairs, or policy work, we can assist you. We also excel at getting your books, magazines, journal articles, and technical communication published or self-published.

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Popular Programs.
Holistic Leadership Practices
Overcoming Shame and Fear
Stress Management
Global Business Leader 101
Leading through Cultural Innovation
Language Acquisition
Leading Successful Teams
Diversity & Inclusion Leadership
Certified Bridges Out of Poverty Workshops
Embracing the Creative Leader Within

Custom courses are also available.


"Had I not been able to speak Spanish, we would not have been able to ask permission to conduct a walkthrough at the local Hispanic supermarket. Because of my ability to connect in a different language, we were able to brainstorm for our retail strategy." -Bill W. 

"I was always challenged at doing business in India until I learned that there are certain 'guest-host' customs that must take place first.  Once I started sitting down for a cup of tea first and conducting business second, my results increased exponentially. -Laila D. 

"When most people think about innovation, they often think of product or process alone. With cultural innovation, I can now leverage my understanding of the cultural context, allowing my innovations to fully take hold and expand."   -Sterling M.

Selected Partnerships.