Sonrisa Products LLC is an organization that supports and promotes the advancement of women and minorities.

We know that every employee contributes to their institutional culture. Sonrisa Products LLC helps build cultures of learning and practice that support diversity and inclusion, which in turn increase mutual respect, outcomes, and individual and team performance.

Educational Opportunities.

We provide outsourced continuing education opportunities for training and education in diversity and inclusion. This education is encouraged for executives at any level, especially within the first few months of new employment. We work with corporations directly to help establish a company culture inclusive and supportive of all its citizens.

Mentoring Programs.

We offer a career mentoring program to help recruit and retain the best talent. We partner with employees as well as companies' talent acquisition departments to support their talent initiatives.

Cultural Awareness Programs.

We recognize the value of a culturally competent workforce, which is inclusive of employees from all backgrounds. Such a workforce can work together successfully and exponentialize business results. We offer various educational opportunities and events that concentrate on increasing cultural and economic awareness and appreciation.

Learn A Language.

We recognize the value of a multi-lingual employee, which builds trust and opens to a whole other dimension of opportunity. We offer various educational opportunities and events that concentrate on becoming conversational in another language. Nothing like learning language from a real person!