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Healing Calendar 365 Reimagined

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Welcome to your healing calendar authored by, well, you! This year, we've reimagined Healing Calendar 365: A Holistic Leadership Tool with even more places and spaces to write and draw. Please preorder your very own copy or you can download the PDF. Enjoy! Here's to you!

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New Year. New You. 
Be Accountable to Yourself.
First Friday of Every Month.

Healing Calendar 365 

Conscious Awareness Maintenance


Webinar Series

Laura Newberry-Yokley

Holistic Leadership Coach

Elegant Leather Cases

I wanted a calendar that helped keep me accountable.

So I wrote one. 

Healing Calendar 365 is an evergreen calendar that helps keep you on track. Complete with a holistic leadrship assessment this guide will help you maintain your monthly and quarterly goals. Check in with yourself.

Monthly Check Points

The monthly conscious awareness maintenance webinar is hosted by the author and leadership coach, Laura Newberry-Yokley. It takes place on the first Friday of the month, and creates a community of accountability. We will review our goals, track our assessments, and create targets for the next month. All you have to do is buy the calendar and sign up for the 12-session course.

Just show up. Really. That's it.

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