Holistic Leadership Coach

Laura is an experienced mentor and coach. She can help you bring your whole self to the present moment, improve your relationships at home and work, maximize daily productivity, increase morale, and address ongoing challenges you might be facing. 

Holistic Leadership Coach Training

​Laura can train you to become a holistic leadership coach yourself. Once you find peace and balance yourself, you can help others experience it too. 

Dynamic Speaker

​At the highest level, Laura is a communicator. She is exceptionally talented at raising the frequency in the room through her unique style of presenting. She is available for speaking engagements of all sizes.

Creative Strategist

​Laura is a maximizer, taking something good and making it exceptional. She can also use change management practices to help any organization or individual achieve success.


Energy Readings

Experiencing poor self-talk, or low self esteem? Using ZenTarot and Goddess Amulets, Laura can advise on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions via unique media.

Energy Drawings

Basic understanding of your five spiritual senses. Based on the chakra system and her unique interpretation, she will draw your pathway and guide you through the experience. 

Reiki Sessions

The key to your peace is relaxation. Reiki energy balances your energy centers found throughout your body, removes stress, and creates a feeling of wellbeing.