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Verbs as Guidance: A Guide for the Leader Within


Verbs are action words. Action is Karma, or the spiritual principle of cause and effect, reaping and sowing. Actions bring thoughts and emotions into existence, thereby creating habits. Actions shift our realities. We have the power to change our Karma and create the futures we want. In 2020, a global pandemic caused the world to quarantine and halt its social and economic practices. Many souls left. Many more were affected personally by COVID-19. Reality, as we knew it, ceased to exist. The illusion of certainty vanished. We have been called to rebuild a new reality, brick by brick. May this guide help foster actions that bring about positive changes. As we learn to do things differently, may we be our best inner-guides, so that we might help others.If you can practice being there for yourself, then you can be there with others and for others. At its basic level, leadership is about follow-through. People will be looking to you for that consistency. Do what you say you will do. It will change your life.

BOOK: Verbs as Guidance: A Guide for the Leader Within (2021)

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