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In 2013, Laura Newberry-Yokley's life took an extraordinary turn when she stopped breathing for 30 seconds, catapulting her into a realm few have ventured. What awaited her on the other side was a breathtaking out-of-body experience—a revelation of the boundless expansiveness of the spirit.


Leaving her physical form behind, Laura glimpsed the limitless potential of her being. But returning to her earthly self proved to be a challenge of equal magnitude. The truths she had uncovered reshaped her existence, and she found herself needing to relearn the art of being human.


Reconnecting with her body meant re-establishing her life, personality, and her very essence. A yearlong journey of healing led her to the tranquil sanctuaries of Columbus Metro Parks, where nature whispered its wisdom and strength.


Two names, Chris and David, stand as pillars of support during her extraordinary ordeal. Chris caught her as she fell, while David's voice, calling her name from another realm, beckoned her back. In those crucial moments, she found herself suspended between worlds.

In Montage, Laura shares the profound journal she kept for a decade following her near-death experience. Penned with her non-dominant hand, these pages serve as a conduit to the spiritual side of herself that she had met on the other side. They contain the guidance she received from her divine Spirit Self, and the words she intuitively transcribed as Her responses.


This book is unlike any other—it's an adult coloring book, a wellspring of inspiration for journaling, and a source of gentle reminders about the essence of your being. Its pages are not meant to be read sequentially; instead, open to any page and begin your journey from there.


Step into Montage, and rekindle your connection with the boundless spirit that dwells within you.

BOOK: Montage: A Journey beyond the Veil

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