What is Estrotar?

July 23, 2016


Great to have you here. Thanks for joining me on this explorative adventure. This is my very real attempt at combining my business side with my spiritual side, or my intellectual with my intuitive. 


Estrotar was a nickname that I earned in college. The prefix 'estro' comes from the word estrogen, because I am big into gender studies, supporting not only the heteronormative space, but also the homonormative, the LGBTQA+++, and the idea that everything doesn't always have to be binary in life. The suffix 'tar' is to mimic the ending of dinosaur to indicate 'in a big way.' If you look at my serpentine path, not all who wander are lost. In every instance, I have learned about women in the Spanish-speaking world, in ancient Rome and Greece, in India. I have learned about them as they pray, as they play, and as they work at home, in the business world, and how they are with other women. I've also learned about the institutions of motherhood and marriage. And now I am learning about women's health and women in poverty. Quite striking how half of the world are women but we only own 1% of the world's wealth. 


I am a megaphone for other women and supportive men, so write in, and I will get you published. I am an advocate for working women and men, so write in, and I can help you be your best self. I am all about learning about how to change, strive for congruency, and celebrate our power. 


I am also a shrewd strategist. I can help you untangle an impossible knot, solve a difficult puzzle, maintain relationships, mitigate risks, and boost reputation. I come form a long line of teachers. First things are always first: stop, look, and listen...and learn. 


Thanks for stopping by!



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